Why Follow-Up With Real Estate Clients

The real estate industry relies heavily on non-stop networking. Each new connection brings unlimited potential prospects. The best way to nurture new and old relationships is by following up. It is one of the critical resources in a realtor’s toolkit.

Why is follow-up so necessary? From a business standpoint, this gives people confidence in working with you. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) declared over 60 percent of buyers and sellers re-use a prior agent they either had a good experience with or who came to them recommended from a trusted source. Word of mouth and a strong reputation means everything to a realtor.

As a general rule, you should never rely on anyone to contact you. It is your responsibility to contact them. This doesn’t mean it’s an effortless exercise. It’s not always pleasant to follow up. Make it a non-negotiable event on your schedule to make it simpler to complete. Be sure to follow up after an interaction, whether with a new or existing connection. Do it as quickly as you can to maximize its effectiveness.

Following through is just as important as following up, if not more. If you say you will do something, by all means, do it. Own all mistakes and take responsibility for any issues that arise. Bad reviews will always travel faster than positive ones.  

Remember that relationships don’t end with a transaction. You stay at the forefront of people’s minds by checking in periodically. Keeping doors open for upcoming possibilities demonstrates to prospective customers that you are available for further work. Send them a newsletter or happy birthday cards.

There are several methods for keeping in touch with prospective customers and real estate leads. Find the approach that feels authentic and follow it scrupulously. Most people don’t want to be sold to, and they can usually tell when you’re trying to sell them anything. Create a connection with the prospective customer before concentrating on the sale. Discuss your family or theirs. 

Planning in-person gatherings take more time and effort, but in-person follow-ups can be hugely successful. When you speak face-to-face with a customer, you can gauge their needs, and you might get more information that can be useful down the line.

The most practical approach to staying in touch with your potential customers is generally via text or email follow-up. It’s a simple way to ask inquiries or arrange a suitable meeting time. Seven out of ten individuals say they prefer this kind of communication. Make sure they agree before adding someone to your list to send them messages.

This article was originally published at peterbubelpropertymanagement.com.


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