Peter Bubel

Peter Bubel is a property manager living in Reading, Pennsylvania. Peter has a B.S. in Finance from Penn State. He founded PANA Rentals to provide off-campus housing to Penn State Berks Campus students and locals. Since 1989, when Peter made his first real estate investment and expanded his portfolio, PANA Rentals has successfully operated throughout Berks County. The business continues to offer a wide range of property management services, from vetting appropriate renters to creating marketing plans.

PANA is an acronym made up of the names of each family member, and Peter has made sure that PANA Rentals is a family-centric company. Every day, Peter works with his wife Anita and his two daughters, Nina and Alyssa, making it the premier source for single-family, multi-family, and corporate housing. Peter Bubel manages logistics using his knowledge of business and degree in finance. He is motivated every day by the opportunity to interact with renters and educate the neighborhood about property management.

Since no two rentals are the same, Peter provides a range of services. Owners can track and pay bills, and arrange maintenance services with property management applications. Peter advocates for students with tight finances who need low-income housing. Higher-end assets, including commercial real estate, condos, and storage facilities, are also sold and leased by him.

Providing advice services via PANA is another of Peter Bubel’s strengths. In this capacity, he can provide outstanding, dynamic resources that guide everyone—especially novices—into the finest and least stressful property management. Peter offers instruction on investment and break-even assessments using his financial and academic expertise. He draws on his broad background as a human resources director to solve issues and manage interactions among property owners, renters, and their neighbors. He leverages his networking and marketing interests to assist property owners in finding prospective renters or roommates and learning where to place an ad for their homes.

Peter Bubel is deeply motivated by his parents’ work ethic. He and his family are likewise committed to making PANA Rentals the area’s premier choice for rentals. Read more about Peter at his website.